Offering premium range of Palm Fatty Acid, Soybean Acid Oil, Extracted Rice Bran Wax, etc., at affordable prices.
About Us

The present market is crowded with businesses which are all looking to establish their foothold but achieving this can be challenging. The best way around this, is to be unique and distinctive from the others. Being one of our kind, we, Pankaj Impex have been into existence since the year 2014. Since then, we have been a manufacturer and supplier of the most unique set of products which includes Soybean Acid Oil, Rice Bran Fatty Acid, Extracted Rice Bran Wax, Rice Bran Lecithin Oil, Palm Fatty Acid, etc. All of our products are of the best quality and made available at inexpensive prices to various clients in the market and now our goal is to increase our product portfolio to gain new customers.

Integrated Business Model

A strong & well-defined business model is always beneficial for a company to reach out to the maximum number of customers in the market. Likewise, in our company with the help of our team of experts, we have formed an integrated business model which is based on several economic, financial, ethical and other aspects. Following are the major points which best reflect our business model:
  • We maintain absolute transparency while conducting business with all our clients.
  • We conduct deep market research and keep upgrading our range.
  • We conduct regular competitive analysis in order to stay ahead of our competitors.
  • We make sure that every order of the client is delivered securely and well within the time frame.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction plays a pivotal role if a manufacturing company seeks to get its business recognized in the market. To ensure this, our first and foremost priority is to understand the requirements of the customers and offer them with the best solutions from our end. Moreover, our range which includes Extracted Rice Bran Wax, Palm Fatty Acid, Soybean Acid Oil, Rice Bran Lecithin Oil, Rice Bran Fatty Acid, etc., has always been preferred by most of the customers. Apart from our products, we also make certain that proper ethics are maintained while executing the business activities with the customers. This is how we are able to achieve customer satisfaction at all levels.
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